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The Papua region based on international law and Indonesian law is not binding and the status of the Papua region still does not have an official government. So the Papuan people have the right to be independent and form their own government based on the UN mandate regarding the Trusteeship Council.

Legally and politically there is no bond that binds Papuans to Indonesia. Indonesia is not colonial for Papuans but Indonesia is a criminal and its presence in Papua is illegal. On 1 November 1962 Administration of West Papua government from the Netherlands Handed over to the UN provisional government UNTEA.

 Then UNTEA only ran the administration of the temporary government of West Papua for 7 months from 2 November 1962 to 1 May 1963. Furthermore, pressure from Indonesia and the United States UNTEA to hand over West Papua’s government administration to Indonesia based on the Rome Agreement in Italy on September 30, 1962.

 West Papua’s administrative status was handed over from UNTEA to Indonesia, temporarily not being an official government. The task of the Indonesian interim government to hold is to carry out the mandate of the New York Agreement of 15 August 1962.

The existence of the Indonesian Government in West Papua after the implementation of the 1969 Pepera in Papua was illegal and there was no binding legal basis that the Indonesian government was legitimate as a colonial government.

Due to the New York Agreement, the Rome Agreement, the handover of administration from the Netherlands to UNTEA on November 2, 1962, the handover of administration from UNTEA to Indonesia on May 1, 1963, the contract of work of PT Freeport on April 7, 1967 and the implementation of the Act of 1969 up to the record number 2504 cases at the United Nations are not binding on any person. native Papuan.

All agreements were made without involving indigenous Papuans and when signing all of the agreements, no native Papuans signed all of the agreements that occurred at the international level. There is no legal basis that binds Papuans to Indonesia, Indonesia’s existence in Papua has the status of a provisional government from UNTEA handed over on May 1, 1963, While the West Papua administration was handed over to the process of preparing selfdetermination rights engineered in 1969, Indonesia has the responsibility to return it to the United Nations.

Based on all illegal processes including international law which are bound by international agreements on 15 August 1962 Indonesia has no rights and there are no binding laws that Indonesia has an official government in Papua.

The cold war of the Western Block and the Eastern Block Seize the Pacific to face the threat of a global economic crisis in 2023. This condition is not much different from the international political situation between the eastern and western blocks sacrificing the fate of the Papuan Nation.

All agreements carried out internationally were inseparable from the cold war after the postWorld War II ended in 1945, The current international and national geopolitical conditions in Indonesia and in Papua are similar to the political situation in 1961 -1965 during the cold war. The cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1989-1960, the two powers at that time were trying to seize and conquer Indonesia in the hands of the Soviet Union or the hands of the United States.

The two sides fought over Indonesian territory including Papua because the Indonesian archipelago is very strategic for controlling the Pacific and in Southeast Asia including East Asia, The United States played its influence through the Netherlands while Russia played its influence through Indonesia led by Sukarno the proclaimer of Indonesian independence.

The cold war began to heat up, playing the strategy of each side, the United States behind the Netherlands pushed for the formation of the Raad State Council then announced a manifesto on December 1, 1961 in Holland, Jayapura now.

Seeing Seeing the political manifesto of December 1, 1961 The Soviet Union provided complete weapons or military defense equipment for Indonesia Through Ir Soekarno.

After obtaining military logistics, Indonesian president Ir Soekarno declared Three People’s Commands or Trikora December 19, 1961. And gave a mandate to the Abri commander Suharto to seize West Irian through the mandala operation, this became a serious threat to the United States so that they played a new strategy through the UN and urged Indonesia and the Netherlands to sit at the same table at the UN headquarters on 15 August 1962.

Then followed a secret meeting on September 30, 1962, for the interests of the American economy. Based on secret meetings and the New York Agreement agreement, America urged the Netherlands to hand over the administration of West Papua to the United Nations provisional government (UNTEA) on November 1, 1962. After that the interim UNTEA government ran the administration for 7 months, from November 2 to May 1, 1963. The UN interim government was urged by the United States to hand over the Administration of West Papua to Indonesia and end its duties in Papua even though the time had not yet ended. Then the United States CIA Intelligence operation played, ousted Indonesian president Soekarno from the chair of President, dissolved the communist party and 7 generals were killed in 1965. The fall of Soekarno from the chair of President was taken over by the golden boy of the United States, Soeharto. Take the seat of President of Indonesia for 33 years leading Indonesia.

The coup for the seat of the Indonesian President was a success for the United States of America, a blockade of the Soviet Union’s influence from Indonesia and the Indo-Pacific. After Indonesia was controlled by the United States through President Soeharto, continued the signing of the PT Freeport Indonesia contract of work on April 7, 1967 based on the Rome Agreement on September 30, 1962, Meanwhile, the implementation of the people’s opinion determination (Pepera 1969) was only a formality to comply with the administration based on the 1962 New York Agreement.

In fact, the annexation or annexation of the Papua region has been conditioned through the Rome Agreement, the capital city of Italy, Rome, the Headquarters of the Catholic Government in the Vatican world, Compromise; the collusion and conspiracy of capitalism from the United States and its allies, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Australia also played for the economic interests of Papua.

Events in the 1960s when the cold war was taking place in Indonesia, especially at the summit of the G20 Summit in Bali, the United States budgeted US$20 billion, equivalent to US$311 trillion, to help Indonesia in the economic, education and health sectors, The cold war tensions in the international political situation after Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine had an impact on the food, energy crisis and world economic inflation, Because Russia and Ukraine are the largest suppliers of Energy, Gas and grains to Central Eastern Europe and to Africa.

As a result, Nato issued sanctions to Russia. An economic embargo from Europe, on the other hand, Russia stopped supplying oil, gas and energy to Europe, resulting in inflation and a crisis, The western block led by the United States while the eastern block led by Russia is currently waging a cold war to influence developing countries for their respective interests, Especially in regional areas in Europe who want to be fully controlled by the United States, meanwhile Russia also wants to return to the former Soviet Union’s colonies.

In Asia itself, especially in East Asia, China has the ambition to become the ruler of a fellow economy of a political family, Meanwhile the United States through South Korea and Japan so that its influence in East Asia, to interfere with China, the United States supports Taiwan’s independence from China, Meanwhile Russia continues to strengthen ties and with North Korea and China maintains influence.

Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia, Indonesia wants to become a Southeast Asian tiger based on Soekarno’s dream of becoming an Asian tiger economically, For this purpose, Indonesia is playing two cards or face-to-face politics against three countries, the United States, Russia and China.

The United States influenced the forum and allowed the President of Ukraine to speak via zoom. Then all the G20 member countries present, especially the Nato block countries, condemned Russia’s actions in Ukraine including the 4-region Referendum.

At the same time Russia was not given money to the Russian foreign minister to refute or clarify the statements of the President of Ukraine. This made the Russian delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs leave Bali to fly to Russia before the second day of the G20 Summit forum began.

The first day of the G20 Summit forum while the Indonesian President gave the opportunity to the President of Ukraine to speak in the G20 Summit forum a missile attack was launched in Ukraine and there was a rocket bomb fired at settlements in Poland on the Ukrainian border.

This made it in the middle of the G20 Summit, the first day the G7 countries held a sudden meeting regarding the rocket bombing in Poland, The situation at the Russian G20 Summit forum caught intervention by Western Europe, especially the NATO coalition, so that the Russian delegation left the Bali Summit and returned to Russia after participating in the dynamics of the first day of the Summit forum.

 Prior to the opening of the US President’s Summit, he announced US$20 billion in aid for Indonesia In the Opening of the 20 Summit, US President Joe Biden announced US$20 billion in funding assistance for Indonesia’s energy transition. Previously the superpower also wrote off Indonesia’s foreign debt.

The financial aid announced by the United States has imperialism’s economic interests in Indonesia, Because previously the United States also wrote off the foreign debt of 4 countries that erased Indonesia’s debt, how come it’s so good? Intan Rakhmayanti, CNBC Indonesia The 4 countries are Germany, Italy, Australia and the United States. Indonesian debt relief.

The elimination of Indonesia’s foreign debt and financial assistance to Indonesia is part of the United States’ strategic tactics so that economic interests are maintained in Indonesia while driving out Russia and China in the Asia Pacific, more specifically in Indonesia.

Money politics by the United States towards Indonesia as if America were an angel or a hero in broad daylight, of course, has monopoly economic interests and wants to gain greater profits from Indonesia, including the Pacific region, America has always been an angel suddenly helping developing countries to benefit from its resources.

This has also happened in the history of the annexation of the Papuan people, where in 1962 America offered peace negotiations at the UN headquarters on August 15, 1962 for the benefit of natural resource exploitation in Papua. So that the love triangle takes place behind the house of God or the holy city for Catholics in Italy, Rome, which is called the Rome agreement of September 30, 1962.

As a result, the United States, Indonesia and the Netherlands agreed that the West Papua Region would be handed over to Indonesia so that the interests of the United States Global Imperialism oligarchs and their allies remain safe with Indonesia, namely Freeport Indonesia and Oil in Sorong and LNG in Bintuni and there will be a number of foreign companies in Papua.

From the international political map, the two blocks in the current cold war are only fighting for the Pacific region, while Indonesia is holding Papua to cover its foreign debt. Meanwhile, the United States and its allies also depend on developing countries such as Indonesia to overcome the economic inflation crisis and the crisis of the capitalist economic system in the face of climate change and the possibility of a global economic crisis in the upcoming 2023 year. Papua, part of the Pacific, is currently the world’s target, while Indonesia has its own expectations to build industrialization in the economic sector through exploitation of natural resources in Papua through national and multi-international companies that will invest in Indonesia.

This article is part of understanding the roots of the conflict in Papua ahead of December 1, Manifesto day December 1, 2022 – December 1, 1961


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