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Japan Embassy soon will send off 14 Timorese students to Japan

Japan Embassy soon will send off 14 Timorese students to Japan Perbesar

Lafaek News- Ambassador of Japan KINEFUCHI Masami has officially announced on Friday, the 23rd of October that, 14 Japanese Scholarship recipients will soon depart to Japan. One of the students will depart next week and the rest will be on the coming month due to the pandemic situation.

This scholarship program is aiming at capacitating people who work in the public sectors to improve their knowledge and skills and contribute to the development of this country upon their return.

“We are inviting civil servants to Japan to study Master’s degree program and getting very important way of thinking as great civil servant,” said, Ambassador of Japan KINEFUCHI Masami in his remarks at the Japan Embassy in Dili, on Friday (23/10/2020)

There are four different programs in this project for Human Resource Development scholarship such as SDG’s Global Leader Program (four awardees), Science Technology and Innovation (one awardee), Japanese Grant Aid (JDS) program (eight awardees) and JICA long- term training of knowledge Co-Creation Program (one awardee) which comes to the total of 14 awardees.

The Ambassador added that, Covid-19 has made the outgoing travel very challenging. But the Japanese Embassy has had it under control. As a result, one of the 14 scholars will be departing to Japan next week and the rest in the group is awaiting their flight itinerary to be organized very soon.

“The duration of study of these 14 students will be two years because they are all doing Master’s degree program so we expect them to finish within two years,” said Ambassador

A Timorese member of parliament, Abel Pires in his remarks, congratulating all fourteen students who he believed must be very excited to experience new things in another country like Japan. However, it could also be a challenge for some students as they have to leave their family behind to pursue their studies. Despite, Mr. Pires believed and encouraged the scholars to be strong and face every difficulties they come across while studying in Japan.

“I have studied twice in Australia, I did my PhD and Master’s degree in Australia, so I know this emotional challenge but I wish you all the best and successful journey in Japan. Japan is one of the very few most advance and developed countries in Asia. Therefore, it should be our main reference to develop Timor-Leste” said Mr. Abel Pires

He also said, “It is true that there are much more to learn to develop this country but, we are on the right track because we are having an unshakeable support from our friend like Japan,”. He appreciated and thanked the government of Japan for the help and support since 1999 until now.

Lizia Rozita Veirra Aniceto is proud to be one of the recipients of this scholarship program, and she wishes the selected scholars will commit to work hard  through this program to gain knowledge and experience in order to return home and contribute to the development of this country.

“The Japan Embassy in Dili offered three different programs through this scholarship project.  Myself, I applied for the SDG’s program and went through a very long process such as, filling up and submitting all the required documents, writing our research paper and sitting the IELTS test where I must get a minimum score of 6.0 for Master’s degree. The last stage of this scholarship process is the interview. After the scholarship is awarded, each scholar will need to get an approval from the University they are applying for before leaving to Japan” said Ms. Lizia Aniceto

Ms Aniceto is going to undertake Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), which requires two years of study in the International University of Japan (IUJ), Tokyo, Japan.

Journalist       : Felisberto F. da Costa

Editor             : Maya M. J. Guterres

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