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Commemoration of the 21st Anniversary of the Assassination of Theys Hiyo Eluay

Commemoration of the 21st Anniversary of the Assassination of Theys Hiyo Eluay Perbesar

The visit of the coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs is welcomed by the flying of the morning star at the ustj campus

 (thursday, november 10, 2022)

 “arrest, destruction of the ustj gate, shooting of firearms and tear gas and beatings”

 (law belongs to the unitary state of the republic of indonesia, truth belongs to god, our faith and reason)

 day : thursday, november 10, 2022

 venue: ustj campus,

 12: 20 – 14.00 wp action begins

Activities: free pulpit action rejecting the jakarta papua dialogue version of the indonesian human rights commission and urging the visit of the un high commissioner for human rights to west papua

 chronological  time, 12:20 papua time

 students take action for free in the yard of the jayapura university of science and technology.  The free pulpit action took place in a safe and peaceful manner.  Students make speeches.

 time, 13.00 papua time

 the papuan regional police of the republic of indonesia entered using 1 patrol car, the patrol deer entered the campus environment.

 time, 13.40 – 14.00 papua time

 the indonesian police forcefully dispersed the ustj student free pulpit action on the campus grounds.  During the disbandment, the police forcibly took action attributes in the form of 2 morning stars and several action pamphlets.

14.00 – 15.00 papua time

 the police forcefully broke into the ustj campus.  Ustj students did not accept the arrival of the police.  Finally, the students closed the ustj campus entrance gate.

The police and brimob did not accept that the campus gate was closed, so the joint forces forcefully broke down the door of the ustj campus.  The joint forces then fired tear gas and bullets at ustj students.

Inside the campus environment, the joint chiefs of staff forcibly ordered students not to take pictures or videos and were told to delete the videos and pictures that had been taken.

There were beatings and arrests of ustj students.

Additional information, a.  Several students were involved and arrested:

 1.ernesto matuan

  1. Devio b. Tekege

 3.ambrose elopere

  1. Eko ukago

 5.nobertus dogopia

 6.matthew mabel

  1. Andy you
  2. As for about 4 students whose names have not been confirmed
  3. Currently the arrested students are taken to the police station. It is not yet known whether the jayapura city police or the abepura police.
  4. Student attitude statement:

Statement of attitude

 a mercy day to remember 22 years of the death of father theys hiyo eluay, one of papua’s leading frighters.  Then, we completely consciently stand that we do not present for ourselves and any organs.  We are here for the big nation west papua.  For nature, the ancient and the bones of the west papua fighters.  Papua’s struggle for freedom is a holy, holy and pure struggle.  For peace and freedom for the people of the nation of papua.  Then, we hereby stand attitude as follows:

  1. We request recognition from all parties and more specifically the country of indonesia. That, 10 november is a day that all the people of papua nation should celebrate as a papua nation struggle figure.
  2. We strongly reject the country of indonesia that forces the people of papua to accept dob and break the 3 province unionly and involving certain papua people. On the same date it was out of the pjs in the 3 province it was possible. This is a believe of the indonesian state against the people of papua.
  3. We strongly reject the country of indonesia through the komnas ham ri implementing the indonesian version of the dialogue. Because, where is it possible to “just judge the actor…..???” this is highly unreasonable and impossible.  Because “papua’s problem is not a national problem, but papua’s problem become international problem.  So, it must be completed with international methods and mechanism.
  4. We strongly reject the involvement of some papuan persons involved in the indonesian version of dialogue through komnas ham ri.
  5. We request and urgent the country of indonesia to immediately open access for visit of the un human rights council to west papua.
  6. We urgent indonesia and the un immediately give a “self determination fort west papua” recognition

Taby-west papua, 10 november 20202, please monitor and advocacy


Chris dogopia

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